Exploring Collaboration in Health Technology and Simulation

Aud Mette Myklebust, Pia Cecilie Bing-Jonsson, Jozsef Betlehem og Attila Pandur poserer i laboratorium for intervensjonsradiografi på campus Drammen. Foto
IN THE LAB: (From the left) Vice Dean Aud Mette Myklebust (USN), incoming Rector Pia Bing-Jonsson (USN), Head of Departement, Attila Pandur (PTE) and Vice Rector Jozsef Betlehem (PTE) in the laboratorium for radiography at the Center for Simulation and Health Technology at USN Campus Drammen. (Photo: Knut Jul Meland / EDUC)

Within an EDUC framework the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at the University of South-Eastern Norway finds common ground with Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pécs.

In the autumn of 2023, the exploration of opportunities for collaboration between the faculties of health sciences at the University of South-Eastern Norway and the Hungarian University of Pécs (PTE) began. This collaboration is evolving through our European university alliance, the European Digital UniverCity (EDUC), in which USN and PTE are two of eight partners.

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On October 16th, Dr. Jozsef Betlehem, Vice Rector of General Affairs, Connections and Strategic Affairs and Dr. Attila Pandur, senior lecturer, head of department, innovation director, Faculty of Health Sciences paid a visit to our campus by the river Drammen. They were welcomed by, among others, Pia Cecilie Bing-Jonsson, the incoming Rector at USN, Acting Dean Cecilie Varsi and Vice Dean Aud Mette Myklebust at the Faculty for Health- and Social Sciences, and several researchers and educators associated with the Faculty's Center for Health and Technology.

"We are attracted to the innovative use and adaptation of technology, as well as the collaboration with the surrounding industry, which the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at USN demonstrates. At the same time, we value their strong willingness for innovation and the ability to combine the theoretical and practical fields. We are pleased to get to know each other better and look forward to further exploring collaboration through EDUC," says Vice Rector Jozsef Betlehem at PTE.

Research and Educational Collaboration

"Through this day in Drammen, we have uncovered many overlapping interests and shared issues. There is a great opportunity for collaboration through EDUC. We have great opportunities ahead of us," says incoming Rector Pia Bing-Jonsson. She is already planning a follow-up visit to Pécs and that the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences will take part in a simulation conference at PTE in the spring of 2024.

Pécs will also explore the possibility of contributing to USN's CoTecH project – Co-Created Health Technology, which receives 28 million NOK from the Norwegian Research Council. In the CoTecH project, USN collaborates with other universities, healthcare providers, businesses, user organizations, and municipalities to develop, test, and implement new health technology.

On the Inside

The agenda for the meeting in Drammen was health technology and simulation. The guests became acquainted with the facilities at USN's Center for Health and Technology, including the simulation department and the labs for radiography and digital simulation. The guests also gained insight into how USN works with digital simulation in nursing and radiography education, by Hugrun Ösp Egilsdottir (usn.no) and Utheya Salini Thevathas (usn.no), respectively.

The visit from Pécs also introduced one of USN's five strategic focus areas, "Future Health and Welfare Services," by its academic leader, Lena Heyn (usn.no).

Leading Positions

PTE is the oldest university in Hungary, founded in 1367. With its ten faculties and 20,000 students, it is one of the largest higher education institutions in the country. In addition to being the country’s oldest university, PTE, along with many of its faculties and study programs, holds prominent positions in highly regarded international rankings.

PTE is a popular destination for international students due to its safe environment, high-quality education, and a large international student community with around 4,500 international students from over 100 countries.

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