We want to provide insight on the factors and strategies that influence innovation, entrepreneurship and operations management.

We believe there is a strong connection between these factors on the one hand, and economic, environmental, and societal well-being on the other hand. With our scientific research, we therefore aim to contribute both to science and to society.

What is our research focus?

The research in the group is intended to create a bridge between:

  • innovation management
  • entrepreneurship
  • technology
  • and operations management

The focus of the CISOM research group is therefore threefold:

  1. First, we aim to develop new knowledge on open and collaborative innovation, the role of digital business models and techno-entrepreneurship, and how processes and operations can be designed for innovation systems.
  2. Our second focus is on developing methods and tools to analyse the relevant factors. We also want to understand/guide concurrent operations and innovation/technology management in high-tech entrepreneurial settings.
  3. Finally, the research group aims to have a societal impact by sharing the findings with those stakeholders that could benefit from the research, so as to facilitate societal transformation.

    This transformation can be achieved at different levels, as the research group targets the following levels of analysis: firms, networks, (entrepreneurial) ecosystems, cities, regions, and countries.


We use a wide range of research methods, both qualitative (including empirical research, action research, & survey research) and quantitative (including operations research and data analytics).

Indeed, the selection of a suitable research method depends on the specific situation and problem. We also frequently use Mixed Methods and Multidisciplinary research approaches in our studies if tackling specific social or entrepreneurial problems calls for it.

Accordingly, we extensively develop research synergies and collaborate with colleagues within and outside USN.

Research disciplines

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Collaborative and Open Innovation
  • Regional and Industrial Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Supply chain and Operations Management
  • Sustainable Operations and Firm Growth
  • Smart operations and Digital Business Models
  • Technology Management   
  • Innovation and Industrial Policy Design
  • Innovation and Research Governance

Group leader


PhD candidates