The research group has an interdisciplinary focus on a wide range of topics related to religion, worldviews, ethics and philosophy in school, kindergarten and society.

The members of our research group come from a range of different academic traditions and represent a diversity of perspectives on topics related to religious and moral education in schools and early childhood education, as well as religion, worldviews and philosophy in society. Interdisciplinarity and diversity of perspectives is our strength. We do research on the didactics of religious education, religious pluralism and cultural diversity among children and young people, on how kindergarten kids talk about faith, on using art and excursions as didactic resources, pedagogical practices to explore existential questions, promote life skills and psychological wellbeing, religious and spiritual experiences, as well as theological, epistemological and philosophical issues.

Areas of research

Signe Aarvik’s main object of research has been religious discourses and practices among young (non-organized) Muslims in contemporary Norway. Another research interest is how religions are represented in Norwegian schools and how the subject of KRLE can increase religious literacy in the population and facilitate fruitful dialogues across religious and non-religious worldviews.

Sigurd Hareide researches the changes in Christian rituals from Catholic to Lutheran practices in Denmark-Norway in the 16th century/Reformation period. He takes part in public discussions on the Norwegian religious education subject, on Christian worship during school hours, and on the history of religion subject in school. He is part of the early childhood education project «Religion and excursion» and has broad experience on using excursions in teacher education for kindergarten and primary school. He is also interested in the development of local knowledge in Religious Education for kindergartens and schools in Vestfold and Drammen.

Lina Snoek Hauan holds a master’s degree in the study of religion and has worked as a teacher in Religion education (RE) in the secondary and upper secondary school for many years. In her PhD study in the didactics of religion she focuses on how understandings of religion are created in the RE classroom in the upper secondary school.

Tyson Herberger

Ina Marie Lunde Ilkama‘s research interests include goddess traditions of Hinduism, mythology and ritual, and the interaction between religious texts and practice. Within the field of didactics of religion, she is interested in how eastern religions are being taught in schools and preschools in Norway.

Ragnhild Laird Iversen is a PhD fellow who researches religion in kindergarten. She teaches in early childhood education and teacher education and has co-authored textbooks. She runs the website

Kari Krogstad’s research interests include how policy documents, national curriculum and curricula guidelines influence Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) institutions and Early Childhood Teacher Education (ECTE), and perceptions and practice of religion in ECECs. In her current research project, she observes religious education for second grade pupils in a primary school. She employs a mixed methods approach in most of her research projects.

Halvor Kvandal is educated as a philosopher and focuses on the relationship between the empirical and the normative in the study of religion. Much of Kvandal's work deals with "the Cognitive Science of Religion", a field that combines evolutionary theory, cognition research and anthropology. Kvandal is also interested in the relationship between religion and science, epistemology, and religious beliefs and practices in childhood.

Ole Jakob Løland is particularly interested in the role of religion in contemporary politics and the reception of ancient biblical texts in modern contexts. 

Gunnfrid Ljones Øierud’s research interest are religious education, multimodality and religious communicative practices like rituals and preaching. She currently conducts research on field trips to faith communities as part of the Norwegian RE subject and on ritual development and ritual communication. 

Kristoffer Løkken Økland’s research interests are within the fields of religion and youth, religion didactics, religion and prejudice, and religion and emotions. He is studying what it is like to be a young, Norwegian Jew today, their experiences of encountering prejudice and antisemitism, and how young Jews challenge and negotiate notions of Jews in everyday conversations and in religious education. 

Milosz Puczydlowski’s research interests include philosophy of religion and Christian theology. He has researched various theories of secularization of philosophical, theological and sociological origin. With a starting point in a secularization debate he is interested in “a postsecular turn” within philosophy and theology.

Mira Cataya Rodriguez is a PhD fellow who works on a project on pedagogical practices to enhance life skills and develop intercultural understanding in religious education. She focuses on diversity, exploring existential questions, and psychological perspectives.

Kristine Toft Rosland’s research interests are didactics of religion and diversity in early Christianity. Her didactic research is on religion in kindergarten. She is also interested in how authoritative texts are rewritten and interpreted – in early Christian apocrypha, and in fanfiction.

Christian Stokke leads the research group. He is an anthropologist who researches religious and cultural diversity, intercultural understanding, life skills and exploring existential questions. Christian and Mira also research religious and spiritual experiences, and on how transpersonal psychology can contribute to enhance life skills.

Audun Toft’s research interests is in the fields of media and religion, didactics of religion, and cultural diversity in schools and kindergartens. He has researched media influence on religious education in upper secondary school, through participation in the Scandinavian project Engaging with Conflict in Mediatized Religious Environments and his PhD thesis Conflict and Entertainment: Media Influence on Religious Education in Upper Secondary School in Norway.

Kristina Undheim’s interests essentially relate to the processes that arise through the teaching of, and the learning about religion, ethics, and worldviews. Hence, her interests relate to the didactics and pedagogical disciplines of teaching these topics, including its interdisciplinary prospects. Other interests are biblical theology, organizational challenges within free-churches, and the multiple ways in which Christian churches are perceived, communicated, and taught throughout the educational system.

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Selected publications in Norwegian