Department of Mathematics and Science Education

This department (IMN) offers study programmes in mathematics and the natural sciences, and is spread geographically across the four USN campuses in Drammen, Notodden, Porsgrunn and Vestfold.

We focus in particular on profession-oriented teaching in both disciplines, and work intensively in fields such as professional digital expertise and sustainable development. The department also has coordinating responsibility for the cross-disciplinary topic ‘Sustainable Development under the new GLU model’ The department hosts active research groups in both mathematics and the natural sciences, all of which are made up of experienced research scientists and teachers in the relevant subjects.

Our courses

The department makes a key contribution to career training for Pre-school, Primary and Lower Secondary school teachers, as well as offering a course in Educational Theory and Practice. We also offer a variety of teacher-oriented supplementary and further education programmes, both as part of our ‘Competence for Quality’ initiative and in conjunction with a number of decentralised/regional further education programmes.

Relevant research groups hosted by the department


A list of the department’s publications can be found in the Cristin research database.

Externally-funded projects

The MIM project (RCN): “Mathematics Education in Indigenous and Migrational contexts: Storylines, Cultures and Strength-based Pedagogies”. How does learning in mathematics develop among students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds?