Science Centre Health and Technology

The Science Centre Health and Technology aims to develop future solutions for the health and care sector

The aim of the USN Science Centre Health and Technology is to study,  and educate for person-centred innovation at the intersection of healthcare, digitalization and technology. The Center's interdisciplinary educational program brings research into practice, and conversely, brings practice into research. The Centre has facilities for testing and simulations of new models of collaboration and service delivery in addition to training facilities for students and practitioners.

The Centre focus on two specific research questions:

  • How can innovations within welfare technology, e-health and digitalization be successfully developed and implemented in order to support person-centred health care practice?
  • How to develop educational designs within the field of health & technology supporting innovation, ethical reflection and person-centred healthcare practice?

The Centre collaborates within a broad regional ecosystem for health innovation:

  • Municipalities, Regional Councils and Networks of Municipalities
  • The Regional Hospital Trusts, Local Hospitals, Local Medical Centre
  • Local Companies and Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • User and Patient Organizations and Professional Associations 
  • Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway
  • Norway Health Tech, DRIV Incubator,

Societal Impact of the Research and Innovation Activities of the USN Science Centre Health and Technology

  • Contributions to interdisciplinary education of professionals and practitioners in the field of person-centred healthcare & technology
  • Contributions to healthcare & technology innovation and leadership & organizational development within regional and local hospitals and municipalities
  • Contributions to national co-operation initiatives to enhance the level of ethical reflection within health care services

International Collaboration

  • NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research)
  • Åbo Academy in Vasa, Finland
  • Mälardalen University, Sweden
  • EACH – International Association for Communication in Health Care
  • OCHER – Oslo Communication in Healthcare and Education
  • Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health
  • Verona Network for Emotional Sequences, University of Verona, Italy
  • Lillebaelt Hospital / IRS University of Southern Denmark
  • University of Utah

Ongoing R&D projects:

1. Health Services Research, Digitalization, and Practical Clinical Research 

Focus: The Science Centre cooperates with national and international researchers and actors in the primary and specialist health services around research on health services and clinical health care. 

Researcher projects:

  • Possible foundation for development of a Health Cluster in the region of Drammen related to the building of a new Regional Hospital at Brakerøya (2017-18)
  • Evaluating «Leadership Pipeline», Drammen Municipality (2018)
  • Evaluating development and implementation of the “Trustmodel” in Municipal Home Care Services (Oslo Municipality, 2016-18)
  • Evaluating the development and implementation of a “National model for rehabilitation in the municipalities – including telerehabilitation” (Indre Østfold Health Collaboration 2016 - 18)
  • DREAM home rehabilitation – LEAN and Ethics-based service development in the municipality of Drammen HSC, (2016-18)
  • Focus on paediatric cardiac catheterization patients in a dose-risk perspective (Utheya Salini Thevathas - USN)
  • Tele radiography as new concept in rural CT– use of paramedics guided by radiographers on videolink (Aud Mette Myklebust)
  • A Norwegian follow-up to the European: EPI-CT project ( The size specific dose estimates (SSDE) in paediatric CT – analysis of cross sectional data of 1000 children (0 – 20y) in Norway (Hilde M. Olerud)
  • The best resource utilisation in radiology - the role of radiographers in the referral and justification process (RCN HelseVel application April 2018 - Kristin Bakke Lysdahl and Hilde M. Olerud/PI))


2. Clinical communication, learning and e-Health

Focus: Clinical communication research, innovative educational design research and development of e-Health solutions for better health

Researcher projects: 

Completed projects