Diversity and Citizenship in Education (DiCE)


The DiCE research group is developing knowledge about diversity and citizenship in Education.

The DiCE research group aims at developing and promoting new knowledge about diversity and democratic citizenship in education. These themes are at the core of political, economic, and societal global challenges today, concerning the basic values in education. The research group DiCE seeks to promote and develop critical knowledge about diversity, citizenship, democracy, migration, multiculturalism, and inclusion in education. 


Our projects span from international R&D projects and participation in global networks to development projects in our local neighbourhood school. We collaborate across disciplines and different disciplines and all levels of education, from early childhood education through adult education and lifelong learning.

Ongoing projects (DiCE participates)

Developing democracy in Ukraine, Palestine and Norway (UPN Democracy) 

Eurasia funding, 3 mill NOK (2018-2021

Completed projects

Relevant publications

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