User account activation

All of our IT services are linked to your account. Whether you are a student or an employee you need to activate your account before you can access our IT-systems. For the majority of students it will be possible to activate your account starting the of August each year.

How to activate your account

International students without a Norwegian social security number must also choose the item “student” to activate the account. Before you can activate your account, you need to have your National ID number (SO-nummer) ready.

At our self service user account website portal you may activate your account and/or change your password.

Activate account, change password, set PIN-code

New students at USN will receive their temporary 11-digit number (SO-numbers) by e-mail. International students can therefore not activate their accounts until the temporary 11-digit number (SO-number) have been received.

For employees

You will receive your user account after registration as an employee. All employees are required to accept the USNs IT-rules and regulations. At our self service user account website portal you may activate your account and/or change your password.

All USN IT-services use the same username and password, except ESS.

Please keep your password private and change it if you suspect that it has been compromised. The IT-department may require employees to change their password.


Password rules

Your password must meet the following requirements:

  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Must be at least 16 characters long.
  • No character must be repeated sequentially more than 3 times.
  • Do not include parts of your name or username


Password length:

Since the minimum length of a password is now 16 characters, we recommend that you use password phrases instead of words!


Password complexity:

The password must contain characters from at least 3 of the following categories:

  1. Capital letters A-Z
  2. Lowercase letters a-z
  3. Numbers 0 - 9
  4. Special characters ,;.:-_*!”#’%&/()<>^=?@$+\{|}~[]`


NB! Note that the keyboard position of special characters may vary with your selected keyboard language setting.


The password can be changed on


USN IT's advice for user account- and password security

  • Use two-factor authentication on all services where possible.
  • Use unique passwords for each website/user account. Never reuse the same password on multiple services. If one of your accounts is hacked and the password goes astray, the person who obtains it will have access to ALL your services where the same password has been used. 
  • Use a password management program. NSM and NorSIS mention, among other things, 1Password ( and LastPass ( and others as reputable password management programs to manage your various passwords. Such programs can also be used to generate strong passwords for you.
  • NEVER give your password to anyone. Only you should know your password.
  • Make it a habit to periodically check if the services you use have been hacked and if information about you is lost due to this. You can do this with the “Have I been pawned?” Service. -