Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies


Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies

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The Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies offers Bachelor's degrees in Social Education, Learning Disability Nursing and in Child Welfare, a Master’s degree in Society and Health, and flexible continuing education programmes covering many different topics.

Our Master's degree in Society and Health has four specialisations reflecting the Department’s core expertise

  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Health promotion
  • Preventive work with children and adolescents
  • Disability and co-creation

The Department also has a research and innovation centre with expertise in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and co-creation. This centre (SESAM) contributes substantially to our programmes.


The Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies engages primarily in research  areas where we provide education. These areas include collaborative research in recovery, mental health and substance abuse; co-creation of welfare services, social innovation and social entrepreneurship; public health and health promotion in settings (e.g. workplaces, communities and schools);  childhood, adolescence and welfare, vulnerable groups; disability and inclusion; the sustainability of the Nordic/ Norwegian welfare state and its services, and more.

The Department has the following research centres and research groups: 

Regional cooperation

The Department places considerable emphasis on engaging in cooperation and partnerships with public welfare services and voluntary and private organisations in the region. We offer continuing education in the following disciplines: childhood development, children and adolescents, substance abuse and mental health, evaluation and public health, dental care and health promotion, etc.


We also take commissions to carry out evaluations or supervision in our areas of expertise.