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Electrical Power Systems Research Group

The main research areas of the group are related to planning, operation and control of Power Production & Energy Storage, Power Delivery (microgrid, distribution and transmission), and Electrification. In addition, the group are focusing on Digitalization and Cyber Security of the power system.

High voltage mast


Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading players in paving the way for the power system of the future. The group will provide real-world technology solutions to support the Digitalization & Electrification of the power system and facilitate the current Energy transition.

Our research group conducts research and has the expertise to benefit the industry and the public in Norway and internationally. We aim to be a preferred partner in Norwegian and European research projects and seeks to take a lead role in Norway within electrical power system research.

Thematic focus includes, but is not limited to, the following:


Hydropower illustration


Solar energy

Solar power


Wind mill

Wind power



Powersupply industry


Of industrial systems



  • Hydropower systems
  • Power system operation, dynamics and stability
  • Stand-alone and Grid-connected PV Systems
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Internal Arc Faults
  • Thermal Design of Electrical Equipment


The research group has access to advanced laboratories and scientific equipment:

  • Generator lab
  • Smartgrid-lab
  • High current lab
  • High voltage lab

Ongoing research activities

Our PhD students are continuously contributing within the research group and on our projects.

Group leader