Management Information Systems

The research group focuses issues related to the information systems field. The group emphasizes research concerning how technology affect our society, organizations and individuals. It has strong, but not exclusive, focus information systems in public sector, Smart Cities, eHealth and eGovernment, and also Cloud Computing, Analytics and System Development. To ensure relevance for practice, research is conducted in close collaboration with actors in both public and private sector.


The group aims at producing research results that strengthen and inform the knowledge base supporting how society, individuals and organizations are affected by the technology we surround ourselves with.

Research disciplines

The academic disciplines involved are embedded in School of Business at the University College. Multiple qualitative and quantitative methods are used in the research.

Ongoing research projects

Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium is a robust global Smart Cities research community, based at CTG, who focus on innovations within technology, management and politics that change our cities. Through this focused network and connected research, the consortium members come together to share ideas, new knowledge, research and practice innovations to support all who work and live in these cities.  

Involved in the project:

  • Professor Lasse Berntzen
  • Associate Professor Marius Rohde Johannessen

Virtual Teams in Higher Education (Project manager: Associate Professor Karen Stendal). Project focuses on the use of technology for communication purposes across campuses in a merged higher education organization. This mixed method research project seeks to explore how employees in higher education experience the use of technology as a communication tool before, during and after a merger. This longitudinal project, which started in 2015, are expected to end in 2020. This research project is in collaboration with researchers at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.

Involved in the project:

  • Associate Professor Karen Stendal

Collaboration partners

Among the national collaborators is municipalities in Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark, NAV, Capgemini, University of Agder, University of Tennessee, Centre for Health and Technology at USN, Texas Tech University and Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium.