Management Information Systems

The research group focuses issues related to the information systems field. The group emphasizes research concerning how technology affect our society, organizations and individuals. It has strong, but not exclusive, focus information systems in public sector, Smart Cities, eHealth and eGovernment, and also Cloud Computing, Analytics and System Development. To ensure relevance for practice, research is conducted in close collaboration with actors in both public and private sector.


The group aims at producing research results that strengthen and inform the knowledge base supporting how society, individuals and organizations are affected by the technology we surround ourselves with.

Research disciplines

The academic disciplines involved are embedded in School of Business at the University College. Multiple qualitative and quantitative methods are used in the research.

Ongoing research projects

BETTEReHEALTH aims to increase the level of international cooperation in eHealth, inform and strengthen end-user communities and policy makers in making the right decisions for the successful implementation of e-Health. BETTEReHEALTH will lead to increased opportunities for stakeholders in Africa and Europe with the overall aim of better health outcomes through better healthcare accessibility and higher quality. More information

I-Merse research group is an interdisciplinary research group with an aim to advance effective utilization of immersive environments in education, the public and commercial sectors, and society as a whole.More information.

COM3 - building competencies for competitive companies Digitally enabled and transformed SMEs make rural areas more attractive places to live, work and invest in. Local and regional authorities need the right tools and competencies for supporting rural enterprises in their digital transformation. More information.

Striving for Excellence through Action Research and Capacity building in eHealth (SEARCH) (2019-2023). Student mobility and research project between between University of Gondar (UoG), University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) & University of Oslo (UiO); The aim is to improve health informatics curriculum at the partner institutions; internships at joint partners, joint curriculum development, joint student supervision and joint high quality action research.

SMART-MLA (2018-2021) is an ERA-NET funded project where the main objective is to develop a cloud-based multi-layer aggregator ICT solutions to facilitate optimum demand response (DR) and grid flexibility to energy systems to utilize up to 100% renewable energy. It is aimed to increase the awareness/involvement of consumers/communities on DR aggregating mechanisms in countries even where relevant legislation is still in process. Project web page:

Towards adaptive assessment within smart learning environment The aim of the project is the development an adaptive assessment module for programming courses and integrate it into an existing tutoring system. The planned module will take into consideration the learning objectives, the preferred learning outcomes and the personal profiles of students and recommend optimal coding exercises to assess students’ current knowledge and skills. The project is executed in collabporation with NTNU and funded by DIKU.

Virtual Teams in Higher Education (Project manager: Associate Professor Karen Stendal). Project focuses on the use of technology for communication purposes across campuses in a merged higher education organization. This mixed method research project seeks to explore how employees in higher education experience the use of technology as a communication tool before, during and after a merger. This longitudinal project, which started in 2015, are expected to end in 2020. This research project is in collaboration with researchers at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.


Collaboration partners

Among the national collaborators is municipalities and regional government in Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark, NAV, Capgemini, University of Agder, University of Tennessee, Copenhagen business school (CBS), Lucian Blaga university (Romania), National university of political science (NUPSPA, Romania), Centre for Health and Technology at USN, Texas Tech University and Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium.


The MIS research group are represented in the programme committee of NOKIOS - norwegian pracititoner's conference on digital government


Members of GoForIT, ICT Norway's sustainability in higher education initiative.

Events and activities

Annually: E-business day hosted at campus Vestfold.

Fall 2021: USN/MIS group hosts the 12th International Conference on software Business (ICSOB) in Drammen.

Fall 2020: Norwegian conference on ICT (NIKT) hosted as an online conference due to Covid-19. This is the Norwegian conference for IT, computer science, IT-security and Information Systems.

Spring 2020: Associate Professor Anh Nguyen Duc edits a book on software startups.

Fall 2019: International Workshop on electronic and mobile business (IWEMB). the workshop on e-business has participants from Europe and Asia, who meet to discuss ongoing research in e-business and related fields. After the workshop, we wil host an e-business day for local businesses at USN campus Vestfold.

Spring 2019: Scandinavian workshop on eGovernment (SWEG) was hosted by USN campus Vestfold. The workshop gathers researchers from northern europe to discuss ongoing research in the field of e-Government.