USN Research Group on Older Persons’ Health

USN research on health and older persons – a transitional perspective

Health related transitions (might) change the individual’s health and quality of life. Examples of transitions in older persons are normal age-related changes, development of illness and frailty, loss of significant others, changed roles and environmental living situation. The overall aim of this research group is to develop knowledge of health related transitions in older persons themselves, their family, close caregivers, health care professionals and services from different perspectives. The research group collaborate actively with the clinical practice field and stakeholders.

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More about the Research Group

Interdisciplinary approach

This research group involves different academic disciplines across health- and social sciences, including nursing, medicine, optometry, anthropology and pedagogy.


The main aim is to be an act as an arena developing high quality research of regional, national and international quality relevant for clinical practice, education across disciplines and sectors.

Areas of special interests

Health related transitions associated to:

  • Older persons with different social, cultural, religious, economic background
  • Age related changes
  • Development of illness, sense deprivation and frailty
  • Loss of significant others
  • Alteration of roles and living facilities
  • Environmental living situations (e.g. transition from home to nursing home) 

The research group has a specific focus on older persons at risk of developing extensive needs for health care services, and on those who already receive health care services. Of particularly interest is the transitions between different levels of care, i.e. from specialist health care services to municipal health care services, from home to new living facilities, and from home to nursing home.