Department of Educational Science


USN’s Department of Educational Science places the child at front and centre. We have a large academic staff specialising in the fields of pedagogics, special education and guidance. We focus on the skills development of our staff, and work actively to enhance both our research and teaching quality in collaboration with academic groups both in Norway and internationally.

Our courses

The department makes a key contribution to career training for Pre-school, Primary and Lower Secondary school teachers, as well as offering a course in Educational Theory and Practice. We also offer a master’s degree in Pedagogics, a bachelor’s degree in Special Pedagogics, as well as guidance training studies and a doctoral programme in educational resources and learning processes.

Research at the Department of Pedagogics

Our aim is to be a key player in the fields of research and education with a view to promoting to the progressive development of children and young people. Out priority aims are rooted in our overriding social responsibility to develop knowledge about how children and young people can be ensured a sound and healthy upbringing and education. We address the conditions that have to be in place in order to achieve the aims of our schools and kindergartens, and the impact that teacher training programmes can have on these conditions. Our research groups work both within their own fields and in cross-disciplinary settings in order to achieve these aims. Our academic staff are involved in a variety of departmental research groups.

Our researchers also participate in several wider networks.

The department operates with its own research strategy, as well as a teaching strategy.


Head of Department

Our campuses

We offer courses and have staff on many of USN’s campuses: