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We conduct research into how businesses and organisations relate to their surroundings, and their competitiveness and value creation.

In order for an organisation or business to succeed, it must relate to different actors such as consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. In addition, framework conditions stipulate guidelines for the company’s value creation and competitiveness.

How the company uses its resources, how it is organised, and the relationships it has with its surroundings can give the business a competitive advantage and help explain the company’s success and performance. More recently, sustainability, resilience (the ability to tackle abnormal events such as a pandemic), and digital transformation have also become important factors regarding a company’s ability to succeed.

What type of research do we conduct?

Knowledge and research about the market in which a company operates is important, and this is what the Market and Strategy Research Group conducts research into. The research is commercial and oriented towards working life with the main focus on value creation, competitiveness and adaptability. The research group wishes to be relevant in its activities through attractive research that is relevant to trade and industry and public administration.

Our current fields of research are:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Product development and innovation
  • The business market, including distribution channels, supply chains, collaboration models and networks 
  • Interrelationships with interested parties such as stakeholders in the public, private and not-profit sectors
  • Ecosystems, as well as local and regional business development
  • AI
  • Festivals and product packaging
  • Tourism and destination development
  • Branding
  • Digitalisation and digital transformation
  • Sustainability and resiliens

How we conduct our research

Our research is deeply rooted in empiricism. We employ a variety of methods, each adapted to our individual projects. Regardless of objective, we are currently using the following:

  • Qualitative data and case studies
  • Experimental studies (quantitative)
  • Cross-sectional data (quantitative surveys)
  • Network data

Current research projects