We engage in interdisciplinary research on the interplay between human rights and diversity.

The research group in Human Rights and Diversities focuses its research on cross-cutting areas in Social Sciences and the Humanities.  We address different facets of social justice in local and global contexts in its relation to sustainability and its interconnections with human rights, culture, power, migration, and human rights education.

This focus area addresses questions at the intersection between human rights and diversities from a variety of perspectives, such as, legal, political and moral in international contexts, as well as national and regional ones, with consideration for responsible agency and actions.

Our research questions current solutions and imagining ways out of current challenges considering the need for cultural and institutional transformation. It is our aim to cultivate research related to human rights and diversities theoretically and in relation to professional practice.

We address questions related to issues of universality/contingency of human rights, professional ethics, international human rights law, history and human rights in professional practice. The research explores human rights in its multifaceted theoretical foundations and practical applications in diverse and multicultural contexts.

Hereunder we address questions related to:

  • Human dignity and the “human” in human rights
  • Critical, cultural, legal and religious perspectives on Human Rights
  • International human rights law and the articulations between its critical epistemologies and legal reasoning.
  • International human rights law and power
  • Post-conflict situations and transitional justice
  • Migration
  • Environmental issues and sustainable development

The research group also addresses human rights education in its different levels and various contexts, including human rights in professional practice and professional ethics.

The research group aims to consolidate and develop existing expertise across faculties.

This is in order to support individual researchers, develop research projects with national and international partners, also with a view to include master degree students in relevant small scale research projects.

Research methods and disciplines

The Human rights and diversities research group engages in cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary research.

Our researchers’ backgrounds include i.e. law, political science, philosophy, religion, culture studies, education, international relations, social geography, sociology, drawing on critical, post-structural, interpretive and hermeneutical traditions.

National and international partners

  • Norwegian Centre for human rights, University of Oslo
  • University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Unisinos University, Brazil.
  • Migration and Diaspora research group, University of Helsinki
  • University of Duhok, Iraq

Current research projects

Current development projects

Join us for a series of open seminars and informal Coffees

The Research Group in Human Rights and Diversities and the Master Program in Human Rights and Multiculturalism invite you for open seminars and informal ‘Coffees’ flavored with great discussions on theories, relevant concepts and tendencies on the intersections of Culture and Human Rights.

Our meetings will be held in English.


Date: December 6th, 12:00 – 15:00.
University of South-Eastern Norway, Campus Drammen.
Rom: A3502

  • Chair: Dr. Gabriela Mezzanotti
  • Open letter from the Research Group Human Rights and Diversities
  • Moderator: Dr. Sesilie Smørholm
  • Dr. Ingrid Christine Reite Christensen USN. Leader of the the Norpart Palestine project "Developing Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education in Palestine and Norway". Introduction to the project (in person).
  • Dr. Magid Shihade. Vice President for Academic Affairs at Dar Al-Kalima University. Global Israel, Global Palestine: Ruptures, and Connections (online).
  • Dr. Amjad Abu EL Ezz. An-Najah University in Palestine. Head of the Social Science Department at the American University in Palestine. The occupation of our minds (online).
  • Dr. Sami Adwan. Hebron University. Palestinian Catastrophe Continues (online).
  • Dr. Øyvind Wistrøm USN. The picture of "the others" (in person).
  • Dr. Nadim Khoury. Inland Norway University. Palestinian advocacy and free speech (in person).


Group leaders


PhD candidates