PhD in Marketing Management


We offer a high-quality PhD programme in Marketing Management that meets the requirements for present and future marketing management, both nationally and internationally.

New positions available - deadline for applying 15th of February 2018

PhD Scholarship in Marketing Managemnet - 3-5 new fulltime PhD positions available. Apply now

Solving real world problems

This programme seeks to bring academic research in marketing management closer to marketing management practice, thereby focusing research on topics that will generate new knowledge for real world problems.

As markets and technologies become more global, and as customer needs become more advanced and fragmented, private companies and public services must innovate and improve their products and services at an increasing velocity. Thus, the strategic importance of marketing management expertise has grown in strategic importance as organisations adapt to meet these evolving challenges and opportunities.

Who can apply

  • Applicants must hold a Master of Science degree in marketing, business, management or equivalent. Students currently enrolled in a master programme are also welcome to apply, but must expect to have earned their degree before the appointment begins.
    Applicants must have achieved grade B or above to qualify for this programme.
  • Applicants must have excellent skills in written and spoken English. Norwegian or another Scandinavian language will be an advantage.
  • Applicants must be able to cooperate with fellow students and faculty staff, and to work independently on academic topics.

Program summary

Duration: 4 years, with work duty
Language: English
Campus: Ringerike

About the program

Contact information

Kåre Sandvik, professor and program director

Live Lindgård, PhD coordinator


English: Regulations relating to the degree of PhD at USN
Norwegian: Forskrift ph.d. ved HSN

PhD Handbook


Camp Riverside – PhD Workshop in Theory Construction and Research Development
Date: May 22-25, 2018
Place: Campus Drammen

Midterm evaluation 2017

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