Research group for Mentoring in profession and education

The research group Mentoring in Profession and Education (ViPU) is affiliated with the Department of Education. The purpose is to develop research-based knowledge about mentoring in teacher education, in professional communities and about mentoring for newly qualified teachers.

What do we do?

Mentoring in Profession and Education (ViPU)’s role is to initiate, coordinate and support research activities internally and lead the work in national and international research networks. The research group has about 25 active members working on an estimated 15 projects in the form of research and publication at levels 1 and 2 and presentations at national and international conferences.

Mentoring as a research field

The research field is mentoring as a strategy for teaching and learning in teacher education, in professional communities and for newly qualified teachers and kindergarten teachers.

Mentoring as a research field is closely related to professional education and professional work. ViPU therefore has a close collaboration with the Academic Group for mentoring at USN, whose most important tasks are to teach in mentor educations and theoretical and practical quality development of the field.

Collaborators and networks

Nationally, the members of ViPU and the Academic group have a central position in the national network for mentoring newly qualified teachers. ViPU-members also lead  the network Nordic Teacher Induction: a cross-sectoral network, which consists of teachers' organisations and researchers in the field of mentoring newly qualified teachers in the Nordic countries.

Internationally, the mentoring environment at IPED has developed collaboration on research and professional development with similar academic environments at universities and university colleges in the Nordic countries and Europe in general. This collaboration is channelled through the Nordic Education Research Association (NERA), the European Educational Research Association – EERA/ECER and the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – (ISSOTL). ViPU members are active with paper presentations, participate in symposia and in international publishing groups in collaboration with researchers from these Nordic and European research networks.