Elena Brambilla

Elena Brambilla

Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Institutt for sykepleie- og helsevitenskap
Campus Drammen


  • Bachelor degree in Sport Science, University of Milan, Italy (2012-2016)

    Understanding, planning, organizing, conducting and managing sports activities.
    Development, maintenance and recovery of motor skills both at individual and group level.
    Evaluation of motor and sports activities in various areas, psychophysical wellbeing related to physical activity.

    Bachelor thesis: "Perceived exertion in young swimmers"


  • Research assistant, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway (2017)

    Erasmus exchange student, research assistant, literature search, organization, planning and development of "Immersive Virtual Environment"
    project. Participant recruitment, data collection and analysis, co-author of the scientific paper "Experiencing Nature through Immersive Virtual Environments: Environmental Perceptions, Physical Engagement, and Affective Responses during a Simulated Nature Walk"

  • Master degree in Sport Science, University of Milan, Italy (2016-2018)

    The Master’s Degree in Science, Technology and Sports Education aims to give extensive skills in elite sports and sports for all.

    Master thesis: "Immersive virtual environment and physical activity, a new tool for training?"
    110/110 summa cum laude

  • PhD candidate, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, Campus Drammen (2021-now)


Calogiuri, G., Litleskare, S., Fagerheim, K. A., Rydgren, T. L., Brambilla, E., & Thurston, M. (2018). Experiencing nature through immersive virtual environments: Environmental perceptions, physical engagement, and affective responses during a simulated nature walk. Frontiers in psychology, 8, 2321.

Brambilla, E., Petersen, E., Stendal, K., Sundling, V., MacIntyre, T. E., & Calogiuri, G. (2022). Effects of immersive virtual nature on nature connectedness: A systematic review protocol. Digital Health, 8, 20552076221120324.