Are Røysamb

Universitetslektor / Programkoordinator

Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Institutt for optometri, radiografi og lysdesign
Campus Kongsberg (5336)
Faggruppeleder og programkoordinator - Bachelorstudiet i lysdesign


Assistant Professor: 

  • LYSINN116 - Introduction to design and design tools - 1st semester
  • LYSKON116 - Concept- and design methodology - 2nd semester
  • LYSURB116 - Urban lighting design - 4th semester
  • LYSPRO116 - Bachelor main project - 6th semester                        

Program Coordinator: 

  • Strategic Study Plan
  • Study Plans - Study Structure
  • Subject Plans
  • Coordinating lectures, events, external projects
  • FOUI


Area of interests:
Design in general and spesifically Lighting Design - Urban Lighting Design

Analysis and design methods for urban lighting design. Conceptual and perceptual approach - in order to create active Light Spaces for people. I'm investigating how we can utilize light and lighting design in future city scapes. At the present I'm investigating theories in environmental psychology - to see how different ways of understanding and interpreting  "The Urban Landscape" can, and should affect our approach to light in the city. 

Teaching areas:

  • Lighting Design Tools
  • Design- and Concept Methodology
  • Urban Lighting Design
  • Bachelor Projects


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Projects and media: