Bjørn Bandlien

Professor i historie

Institutt for økonomi, historie og samfunnsvitenskap
Campus Vestfold (C3-110)
Teaches Viking Age and medieval history, historical methodology and academic writing. Research interests include gender, cultural encounters and otherness in pre-modern societies.


  • Bachelor degree in history


  • Viking Age
  • Medieval history
  • Gender history
  • Crusades
  • Cultural encounters


Dr. philos., University of Oslo, 2005


Selected publications


Kringla Heimsins (Oslo: Dreyer, 2014) (co-authored with Frans-Arne Stylegar)

Eufemia: Oslos middelalderdronning (Oslo: Dreyer, 2012) [edited anthology]

Olav Kyrre (Oslo: Spartacus/SagaBok, 2011)

Strategies of Passion: Love and Marriage in Medieval Norway and Iceland (Turnhout: Brepols, 2005)

Man or Monster? Negotiations of Masculinity in Old Norse Society, Diss. (Oslo: Faculty of Humanities, 2005)



"A Manuscript of the Old French William of Tyre (Pal. Lat. 1963) in Norway", Studi mediolatini e volgari 62 (2016)

“Trading with Saracens and the Sámi in medieval Norway”, in Cordelia Hess & Jonathan Adams (eds.), Fear and Loathing in the North: Jews and Muslims in Medieval  Scandinavia and the Baltic (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2015): 31–48

“The Armenian Embassy to King Håkon V of Norway", Journal of the Society of Armenian Studies, 23 (2014): 49-82

“‘Snara Asláksson owns me”: The Historical Context of Uppsala De la Gardie 4–7”, in Karl G. Johansson & Else Mundal (eds.), Riddarasǫgur: The Translation of European Court Culture in medieval Scandinavia (Oslo: Novus, 2014): 245–272

“Yvain among Friars: A Late Medieval Franciscan Manuscript of Herr Ivan”, Journal of the International Arthurian Society, 1 (2013)

“Arthurian Knights in Fourteenth-Century Iceland: Erex saga and Ívens saga in the World of Ormur Snorrason”, Arthuriana, 23 (2013)

“Hegemonic Memory, Counter-Memory, and Struggles for Royal Power in Norway”, Scandinavian Studies, 85.3 (2013)

“Showing the Dragon’s Tongue: P.A. Munch’s Journey to Scotland, Orkney and London in 1849–1850”, Northern Studies, 43 (2013)

“Mauritius’ Itinerarium in Terram Sanctam”, Vellum, 6 (2011)


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