Jan Velvin


USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for industriell økonomi, strategi og statsvitenskap
Campus Kongsberg (5348)


Education:       Philosophiae Doctor

                        Major in Business Finance and part of the Master’s Degree in Civil                                        Engineering


Area of research: Regional Industrial Development, Tourism, Innovation, entrepreneurship                                 and Business Learning


Position as:   Associate Professor of Business Administration


Teaching Experience:  Business Finance, Innovation, Tourism Management, Organization Theory, Organizational Psychology, entrepreneurship, scientific methods, Industrial Development


Work experience

2018 - 2021                 Head of Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences,                                          University of South-Eastern Norway

2019-2020                   Head of EVU/EMM at the Business School, University of South-                                            Eastern Norway

2016 - 2018                 Head of Industrial management group at HSN (University College of                                      Southeast Norway

2012 - 2020                 Chairman of the Board BN Bygg AS

2012- 2015                  Director of Centre of Tourism Management, BVUC ( Buskerud and                                        Vestfold University College)

2011-2012                   Member of the Board Nore and Uvdal Industrial Company

2008-2009                   Chairman of Hokksund Town Council

2007- 2008                  Deputy Chairman of Hokksund Town Council

2003-2006                   Chairman of Ethnic Music Club

2003                            Associate Professor at BUC

                                    Teaching, research, project manager report and research program

2002-2003                   Board member of Ethnic Music Club

1999-2003                   Assistant Professor, BUC        

                                    Teaching, research, project manager report and research program

1998- 2000                  Senior Planner, deputy manager of Memento Advertising Agency

                                    Responsible for marketing strategic planning, international and              

1992 - 1993                 University College teacher / part-time teacher,                                                                        SLHK                                      


Research projects:

2014 -2016                  Head of project VRI 3- Regional Innovation in Tourism, Health, and                                        High-tec Industry, The Research Council of Norway

2013- 2013                  Head of project: Second Home owners value creation in Sigdal                                              Municipality

2012 - 2013                 Head of project: Guest Satisfaction at Destination Norefjell

2012 -2016                  Head of project: Tourism monitoring, The Oslofjord Funding, BFK, IN

2011 - 2013                 Deputy Head of project VRI 2- Tourism at Hemsedal, the Research                                        Council of Norway

2010 - 2011                 Head of Pilot project – Development of Tourism Monitoring, the                                              Oslofjord Funding

2010 - 2010                 Head of project –Second Home Tourism in Buskerud and the value                                        creation?

2009-2011                   Research within the VERDI project, EU project

2008 - 2010                 Deputy Head of project VRI 1 –Tourism, the Research Council of                                            Norway

1994 -2008                  Head of project and associate member of various research projects,                                      partly reflected in publications mentioned below