Rie Thomsen

Professor II

Fakultet for humaniora, idretts- og utdanningsvitenskap
Institutt for kultur, religion og samfunnsfag
Campus Drammen ()
Rie Thomsen (RT) is professor MSO in career guidance at Aarhus University in Denmark and Professor II at University of South Eastern Norway. She is the scientific coordinator of the Guidance Research Unit at the Danish School of Education (DPU) at Aarhus University in Copenhagen. Her research revolves around career guidance and career learning practices and policies with a special interest on the role of communities and in organizational, leadership and quality aspects of career guidance. Furthermore she has a strong interest in creating an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary research in lifelong Guidance with a view to social justice and the consequences of neo-liberal governing processes. Methodologically she is concerned with participatory action research as well as practice research. Since 2005 RT has published more than twenty articles in peer reviewed international journals of which eight a first author and six as single author. She has authored six bibliographies and co-authored thirteen. RT takes part in peer review processes for central international journals in the field of career guidance and in the professional development of high ranked journals as a member of the international advisory board for The British Journal of guidance and Counseling. She has experience in many ways of disseminating research results both in traditional ways through more than 100 invited lectures and workshops and in more creative ways through short animated movies. She is currently a member of 4 international networks and scientific coordinator of the European Doctoral programme in career guidance and counseling (ECADOC). She is also the co-founder and coordinator of The Danish national network for research in guidance and a member of the steering committee for The Nordic Research Network in transistion, career and guidance (NoRNet). She has co-produced applications for more than 100 mio EURO of which many was successful. As principal investigator she has secured and managed more than 1.800.00 EURO in research funds. Her experience in application writing spans from national government consultancy to leading European Horizon 2020 excellence research consortia and also covers national research councils in Denmark, Finland and Norway. In 2013 she was awarded the Danish national Guidance award for her research and communication and in 2016 she was appointed NICEC international fellow by the National Institutute for Career guidance and Counseling in the UK.


Se publikationer, forskningsprojekter og CV her http://au.dk/en/riet@edu