Behzad Behdani

USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for industriell økonomi, strategi og statsvitenskap
Campus Kongsberg (5363)
Behzad Behdani is a Professor in Supply Chain and Operations Management at USN School of Business. He has done extensive research on some ground-breaking aspects of operations and supply chain management, among others, supply chain analytics, operations management at the early-stage innovative companies (the link between innovation/technology management and operations management), food supply chains and operation, and intermodal transport, and logistics. Behzad’s research also deals with how we can embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the design and operations of global supply chains.


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A list of recent publications:

  • Viet, N. Q., Behdani, B., Bloemhof, J., & Hoberg, K. (2021). Value of data in multi-level supply chain decisions: a case study in the Dutch floriculture sector. International Journal of Production Research, 59(5), 1368-1385.
  • Fan, Y., de Kleuver, C., & Behdani, B. (2021). Trading off cost, emission, and quality in cold chain design: A simulation approach. Computers & Industrial Engineering158, 107442.
  • Horvat, A., Bartelet, H. A., Andersen, D. F., Behdani, B., & Luning, P. A. (2021). Uncovering causes of stagnating product sales of a healthy snack: A system dynamics group model building project in a food processing company. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 1-15.
  • Saeedi, H., Wiegmans, B., & Behdani, B. (2021). Measuring concentration in transhipment markets: methodologies and application to a European case. Maritime Economics & Logistics, 1-21.
  • Stellingwerf, H. M., Groeneveld, L. H., Laporte, G., Kanellopoulos, A., Bloemhof, J. M., & Behdani, B. (2021). The quality-driven vehicle routing problem: Model and application to a case of cooperative logistics. International Journal of Production Economics231, 107849.
  • Viet, N. Q., Behdani, B., & Bloemhof, J. (2020). Data-driven process redesign: anticipatory shipping in agro-food supply chains. International Journal of Production Research58(5), 1302-1318.
  • Behdani, B., Wiegmans, B., Roso, V., & Haralambides, H. (2020). Port-hinterland transport and logistics: emerging trends and frontier research, Maritime Economics & Logistics 22, 1-25.
  • Fan, Y., Behdani, B., & Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J. M. (2020). Refer logistics and cold chain transport: A systematic review and multi-actor system analysis of an un-explored domain. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research20(2), 1-35.
  • Horvat, A., Behdani, B., Fogliano, V., & Luning, P. A. (2019). A systems approach to dynamic performance assessment in new food product development. Trends in Food Science & Technology91, 330-338.
  • Fan, Y., Behdani, B., Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J., & Zuidwijk, R. (2019). Flow consolidation in hinterland container transport: An analysis for perishable and dry cargo. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review130, 128-160.