Glenn Diesen


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Institutt for økonomi, historie og samfunnsvitenskap
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Glenn Diesen forsker primært på russlands strategi for stor-Eurasia, som innebærer samarbeid med Kina, Eurasisk integrering, konservatisme, og geoøkonomi.


  • Russisk politisk økonomi
  • Russisk konservatisme
  • Russisk utenrikspolitikk
  • Eurasisk integrering




Associate Professor at the University of Southeast Norway
Editor at Russia in Global Affairs
+47 9732660



University of Southeast Norway
Associate Professor                                                                              April 2020 - ongoing

Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Professor                                                                                                Aug 2018 – April 2020

Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Visiting Scholar                                                                                     Aug 2017 – Aug 2018

Russia in Global Affairs
Editor                                                                                                     Nov 2018 - ongoing

Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia
Adjunct Research Fellow                                                                       Aug 2016 – Aug 2019

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Lecturer / Scholarly Teaching Fellow                                                      Feb 2011 –Dec 2017


Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands
PhD Politics and International Relations (Doctor of Social Sciences)                        2010-2014
Dissertation: ‘Inter-democratic security institutions and the security dilemma:
    EU and NATO relations with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union’

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
PhD Politics and International Relations (Doctor of Philosophy)                               2010-2014

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Master of International Relations                                                                              2009
Thesis: ‘Medvedev’s proposal for a new European security architecture’

St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Russian Language and History                                                                                  2006

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Master of Business                                                                                                    2003-2004

University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia
Bachelor of Commerce                                                                                              1999-2001




202x – Europe as the Western Peninsula of Greater Eurasia: Geoeconomic Regions in a Multipolar World, Routledge, [manuscript to be submitted on 1 December 2020]

202x – Russian Conservatism: Managing Change under Permanent Revolution, Rowman & Littlefield [manuscript to be submitted on 1 July 2020]

2020 – Great Power Competition in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Geoeconomics of Technological Sovereignty, Bloomsbury [manuscript submitted, publication pending].

2020 – Russia in a Changing World, (ed), Palgrave Macmillan, London.

2018 - The Decay of Western Civilisation and Resurgence of Russia: Between Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, Routledge, London.

2017 - Russia’s Geoeconomic Strategy for Greater Eurasia, Routledge, London.

2015 - EU and NATO Relations with Russia: After the Collapse of the Soviet Union, Routledge, London.


Journal articles

2019 – Russia as an International Conservative Power: The Rise of Right-Wing Populists and their Affinity towards Russia, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, pp.1-15.

2019 – The Disorderly Transition to a Multipolar World, New Perspectives, 27(3): 25-29.

2019 - The Geoeconomics of Russia’s Greater Eurasia Initiative, Asian Politics & Policy, 11(4): 566-585.

2018 - The Geoeconomics of the Territorial Dispute between Russia and Japan, Asian Survey, 58(3): 582–605.

2018 - The offensive posture of NATO’s missile defense system, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 51(2): 92-103.

2018 - The ‘New Cold War’ and its Impact on Chinese Geoeconomics, Valdai Discussion Club, 21 November.

2017 - The Global Resurgence of Economic Nationalism, Valdai Discussion Club [republished in Russia in Global Affairs], 21 December.

2017 - The EU, Russia and the Manichean Trap, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 19(3): 1-18.

2017 - Russia, China and ‘Balance of Dependence’ in Greater Eurasia, Valdai Discussion Club [republished in Russia in Global Affairs], 31 March.

2017 - The Two-Tiered division of Ukraine: Historical Narratives in Nation- and Region-Building, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 19(3): 313-329.

2016 - Eurasian Encounters: The Eurasian Economic Union and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, European Politics and Society, 17(1): 133-150.

2016 - Constraining Missile Defence, Defense and Security Analysis, 32(2): 129-143.

2015 - Divided We Stand: The US foreign policy bureaucracy and nation-building in Afghanistan, International Peacekeeping, 22(3): 205-229.

2015 - Inter-democratic security institutions and the security dilemma: a neoclassical realist model of the EU and NATO after the end of the Soviet Union, East European Quarterly, 41(2-3): 137-161.

2015 - Coercing ‘European Integration’? Assessing the posture of the CSDP, Polis, No.6, 81-102.

2012 - Russia’s Proposal for a New European Security System: Confirming Diverse Perspectives, Australian Journal of International Affairs, 66(4): 450-467.

2010 - NATO a threat to Russia?, Euro-Atlantic Quarterly, December.


Book chapters

2019 – ‘Neutral Power Russia?’, in H Reginbogin and P Lottaz (eds.) Permanent Neutrality, Lexington Books, Washington D.C.

2019 - ‘Narrowing the widening political gap’, in L Grigoryev (ed.) Global Governance in Transformation: Challenges for International Cooperation, Springer, London.

2016 - ‘Russia's Pivot to Asia: Constructing a Eurasian State in a Multipolar World’, in D Gopal and D Ahlawat (eds.) Indo-Pacific: Emerging Powers, Evolving Regions and Challenges to Global Governance, Aakar, New Delhi.


Invited Speaker:

2020 – ‘Technological Sovereignty in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Dialogue of Civilisations (DOC), Moscow, 30 January.

2019 – ‘Incentives and Constraints for Eurasian Integration’, Dialogue of Civilisations (DOC), Berlin, Germany, 3 September.   

2018 – ‘Geoeconomic Blocs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Eurasian Economic Union, Moscow, Russia, 15 November.

2018 – ‘The Socio-Economics of Russia’s Greater Eurasia’, Geocultural Forum – Dialogue of Civilisations (DOC), St. Petersburg, Russia, 27 September.

2018 - ‘How to Prevent the Third World War’, Global Challenges Summit 2018 - Astana Economic Forum, Astana, Kazakhstan, 17 May. Panel speakers:

·       Francois Fillon, former French Premier and Presidential Candidate

·       Vladimir Yakunin, former President of Russian Railways and Chairman of the ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’

·       Glenn Diesen, Visiting Scholar at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow

·       Rein Mullerson, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Estonia


2018 - ‘Regional Megablocs: The Way to Fragmentation or New Globalisation’, Global Challenges Summit 2018 - Astana Economic Forum, Astana, Kazakhstan, 17 May. Panel speakers:

·       Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission

·       Jin Liuqin, President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

·       Andrei Belyaninov, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Development Bank

·       Glenn Diesen, Visiting Scholar at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow

·       Askar Mamin, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

·       Alan Woolf, Deputy Director General of the WTO


2018 - ‘Creativity versus Unemployment: What do Humans do in the World of Machines?’ Global Challenges Summit 2018 - Astana Economic Forum, Astana, Kazakhstan, 18 May. Panel speakers:

·       Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and futurist

·       Glenn Diesen, Visiting Scholar at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow

·       Albert Efimov, Head of the Robotics Laboratory of Sberbank

·       Atakan Huseyn Varol, Head of the Department of Robotics, Nazarbayev University


Presentation of Conference Papers:

2019 – Russia as an International Conservative Power, Civilizations and International Order: One World or Multipolarity, HSE, Moscow, Russia, 15-16 May.

2019 – Europe at the Western periphery of Russia’s Greater Eurasia, BASEES, Cambridge, UK, 12-14 April.

2019 – The Political and Economic Philosophy of Russia's New Eurasianism, International Relationships, Moscow, Russia, 9-11 April. 

2019 – Neutrality in Eastern Europe, Permanent Neutrality: A Model for Peace, Security, and Justice, Washington, United States, 25 March.

2018 – Legitimacy after the Liberal International Order, Global Governance Conference - HSE, Moscow, Russia, 3-4 December.

2017 - Conceptualising Russia as an Asian Democracy, ICIRD, Bangkok, Thailand, 24 June.

2017 - Russia and the Geoeconomics of Eurasian Connectivity, Global Studies Conference, Singapore, 9 June.

2016 - Russia and Japan at a Crossroad: Russia’s Pivot to Asia and the End of Status Quo, APSec, Osaka, Japan, 8-9 December.

2015 - The Eurasian Economic Union and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, The Eurasian Project in a Global Perspective, Cambridge, UK, 9 December.

2015 - Cooperation, conflict, contradiction…? Russia’s energy pivot to Asia, China’s Energy Outreach and its Impact on the Regional Order in Asia Pacific and Beyond, Ningbo, China, 26 June.

2014 - Missile Defence and Russia, APSA Conference, Sydney, Australia, 29 September.

2014 - The CSDP and the security dilemma with Russia, EUIA Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 24 May.


Media Engagement: Op-eds, written interviews and book reviews

2020 – A Weakened Great Power [in Norwegian: En Svekket Stormakt], Dagsavisen, 5 May.

2020 – Towards an EU Strategy for Technological Sovereignty, Valdai Discussion Club, 3 March.

2020 – NATO’s Strategy does not create peace and stability [in Norwegian: NATOs strategi skaper ikke fred og stabilitet], Aftenposten, 26 January.

2020 - 'Kissinger’s Nightmare': How Russo-Chinese Arctic Cooperation May Upset US Control over the Sea, Sputnik, 20 January.

2020 – The information war goes both ways [In Norwegian: Informasjonskrigen går begge veier], Aftenposten, 16 January.

2020 – Norway in a divided Europe [in Norwegian: Norge i et splittet Europa], Aftenposten, 14 January. 

2020 – Norway as a frontline against Russia [in Norwegian: Norge som frontlinje mot Russland], Aftenposten, 3 January.

2019 – Balancing China with NATO: Repeating the Mistakes of the 1990s, Valdai Discussion Club, 13 December.

2019 – Interview with Vaclav Klaus: The EU in its current form is a tragic mistake of the European history, Russia in Global Affairs, 10 October 2019.

2019 – The world will split into blocks – with competing technologies, industries and transportation corridors [in German: Die Welt wird in zwei Blocke zerfallen – mit konkurrierenden Technologien, Industrien und Transportkorridoren], Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachtrichten, 13 September.

2019 – From Economic War to Hot War? US, China and the End of Strategic Ambiguity over Taiwan, Valdai Discussion Club, 29 August.

2019 – From ‘Peaceful Rise’ to Reorganising Eurasia: How China’s Priorities Have Changed, Valdai Discussion Club, 23 July.

2019 – EU Polls: Salvini Consolidating Right to Reverse Centralisation of Power, Sputnik, 17 May.

2019 – Trump exacerbated the split between the US and the European Union [in Russian: Tramp usugubil raskol mezhdu SSHA i Evrosoyozom], Eurasia Expert, 17 April.

2019 – War With Russia?, Russia in Global Affairs, 28 March.

2019 – “Historical Mistake” – Academic Describes how US facilitated Sino-Russian Entente, Sputnik, 17 January

2018 – Rebellion: Independence from NATO, US Driving EU Towards Own Army Creation, Sputnik, 22 November.

2018 – How Russia’s Greater Eurasia plan may spell the end of EU-centric model, Russia in Global Affairs, 2 November.

2018 – Greater Europe Initiative Failed – Russia and China are attempting to develop collective leadership [Proekt Bolshoi Evropi provalisya – Rossiya i Kitai probuyot sozdat kollektivnoe liderstvo], Eurasia Expert, 24 October.

2018 – Russia has emerged as an international conservative leader, Sputnik, 20 October.

2018 – The SCO Summit in Qingdao: One year after enlargement, China Plus – CRI, 6 June.

2018 - The EU, Russia and the Manichean Trap, CRIA Views – Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27 February.

2017 - Trump, Russia and renewed fighting in Ukraine, The Interpreter (Lowy Institute), 7 February.

2016 - Putin: Russia’s last “pro-Western” alternative, The Interpreter (Lowy Institute), 7 June (re-published on several websites and translated to Portuguese and Spanish).   

2016 - The misguided missile defence debate, The National Interest, 24 May. Re-published in The Interpreter (Lowy Institute), 24 May.

2016 - Russia’s withdrawal from Syria: Mission accomplished?, The Interpreter (Lowy Institute), 16 March.

2016 - Understanding NATO in the 21st Century: Alliance Strategies, Security and Global Governance, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism [book review].