Øystein Sørebø

USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for økonomi, markedsføring og jus
Campus Ringerike (A 409)
I am a Professor of Management Information Systems (i.e., since 2010). I have published research both within Management Information Systems, medicine, and pedagogics. My responsibility in, e.g., the medical studies has been to deal with the analysis of survey data (i.e., structural equation modeling). I teach the Ph.D. course "Advanced survey data collection and multivariate statistics" and the master course "Information technology, strategy, and organization." I have been program coordinator since 2003, supervised numerous Master's theses and Ph.D. students, as well as acted as an opponent in Doctoral Viva's (the thesis defense). My research is published in internationally top-ranked academic journals such as, e.g., Computers & Education (impact factor 4.6), Computers in Human Behavior (impact factor 3.5) and Social Science & Medicine (impact factor 3.0).


  • Program coordinator (i.e., from 2003 to 2019):
  1. Master of science in business administration (siviløkonom) from 2003 to 2007.
  2. Bachelor of information technology from 2007 to 2015.
  3. Master of science in business administration (siviløkonom) from 2015 to 2019.
  • Course coordinator master course: INF4000 Information technology, strategy, and organization
  • Course coordinator master course: MET4000 Pre-project (master thesis)
  • Course coordinator master course: AVH5000 Master thesis


Area of interests:
Psychology and information technology (i.e., user acceptance & technostress). Scientific methods.


Teaching areas:
Management information systems. Strategy, organization and Information technology. Structural equation modeling (Mplus and LISREL). Partial least squares modeling (XlStat PLSPM).

Subject areas:
Management information systems. Strategy and management. Research methods.


MSc in business administration from Buskerud University College (SLHK), 1991.

MSc in strategy and management from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 1996.

Ph.D. in strategy and management from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 2000.


Prizes and awards:

Research prize, Buskerud University College, 2010.


Supervision of Ph.D. candidates:

Reidar Hæhre, public defense 2007, ICT, and learning in business administration, University of Oslo (co-supervisor).

Etty Nilsen, public defense 2010, Opportunities for learning and knowledge creation in practice, Oslo School of Business (co-supervisor).

Ann-Kristin Elstad, public defense 2014, Critical Success Factors When Implementing An Enterprise System – An Employee Perspective, Norwegian School of Business (co-supervisor).

Tove Bøe, public defense 2018, A Managerial Perspective on Continued Use of IT: The Complementary Role of Principal Agency Model, University of Agder (principal supervisor).


Member of Ph.D. evaluation committees:

Najmul Islam, public defense 2012, Understanding the e-learning system users’ post-adoption usage behavior and its outcomes: A study with a learning management system, Turku School of Economics (first opponent).

Harald Fardal, public defense 2012, Information Systems Strategy in Practice: A social Process Perspective, Bodø Business School (first opponent).

Trond Vegard Johannessen, public defense 2015, Data presentation formats and decision-making effectiveness: An exploratory study, Norwegian School of Economics (second opponent). 


User surveys in Nes in Ådal, Begnadalen, and Hedalen, 25 pages, 2000, Contractor: The township of Ringerike.

ICT competence in high schools in Norway, 41 pages, 2001, Contractor: Ministry of Children and Equality.

E-mail usage in governmental institutions. E-mail users’ competence, usage patterns and motivation? 40 pages, 2001, Contractor: Directorate of Public Management.

Investigation of critical success factors for teachers’ use of ICT in education, 28 pages, 2004, Contractor: Ministry of Children and Equality.

Evaluation of the use of laptops as a learning tool in high schools in Vestfold council district, 53 pages, 2004, Contractor: Vestfold county council district.

ICT competence in high schools in Norway, 50 pages, 2008, Contractor: Ministry of Children and Equality.

An evaluation of the use of laptops as a learning tool in high schools in Buskerud council district, 53 pages, 2009, Contractor: Buskerud county council district.

Competitive Advantage in the Travel Industry, 2013-2016, Project-member in the project REISEPOL, The Research Council of Norway.


Extracurricular Activities:

Leader of electoral group USN, 2014-2015.

Member of the academic committee of methodology, Universities of Norway (UHR), Business Administration (NRØA), 2008-2016.

Member of the education committee HSN, 2004-2010.

Member of the reorganization committee HiBu, 2005.


Board member:

Økonomihuset Ringerike, 2018 -->


Assessment committees:

Assessment committee Norwegian Business School (BI) 2004 together with Bo Hjort Christensen (BI) and Laurence Habib (Oslo University College). Assessment of two candidates for position as Senior Lecturer (førstelektor).

Assessment committee Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) 2004 together with Anna Mette Fuglseth (NHH) and Martin Lindell (The Hanken School of Economics). Assessment of a candidate to a position as an Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis).

Assessment committee Nord-Trondelag University College (HiNT) 2007 together with Monica Divitini (NTNU) and Greta Hjertø (HiST). Assessment of a candidate for position as a Senior Lecturer (førstelektor).

Assessment committees at Buskerud University College (HiBu) 2008, 2009 and 2011 together with Ellen Katrine Nyhus (UIA), Jon Reiersen (HiVe), Arve Pettersen (HiST), Kjell Gunnar Hoff (UMB), Solveig-Alma Halaas Lyster (UIO), Knut Johannesen Ims (NHH), Kerstin Grundén (University West) and Wolfgang Eixelsberger (Carinthia University of Applied Science). Assessment of candidates to position as Lecturer (Høyskolelektor), Senior Lecturer (førstelektor), Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis) and Teaching Professor (docent).

Assessment committee Østfold University College (HiOf) 2013 together with Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen (Aalto University School of Business) and Erling S. Andersen (BI). Assessment of 30 applicants for the position as Professor.

Assessment committee Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) 2015 together with Virpi Tuunainen (Aalto University) and Tor J. Larsen (BI). Assessment of a candidate to a position as a Professor.

Assessment committee Østfold University College (HiOf) 2015 together with Nils Per Hovland (HiT) and Ove Roy Schjølberg (HBV). Assessment of a candidate to a position as a Senior Lecturer (førstelektor).


Conference work:

Session chair, Kristiansand  International Workshop on Information Systems Research, Kristiansand, 2006.

Session chair, Information Resources Management Association International Conference, San Diego California, 2005.

Conference leader, Norwegian Conference on Information Systems (NOKOBIT), Kongsberg, 2001.

Conference leader, The image building conference, Department of Education and Business Administration, Buskerud University College, 1998.


Reviewer for:

MIS Quarterly

Communications of the Association for Information Systems

Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS Board Member from 2013 to 2016)

Computers in Human Behavior

Computers & Education

Knowledge-Based Systems

Information &  Management

Behaviour & Information Technology

Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

International Conference on Information Systems

European Conference on Information Systems

Information Resources Management Association

Norwegian Conference of Information Systems