Stefanie Reinhardt

Fakultet for teknologi, naturvitenskap og maritime fag
Institutt for natur, helse og miljø
Campus Bø (1-228)
I'm particularly interested in the protection of biodiversity, and the impact of climate change on alpine vegetation. In resent years I have also started to do research in different ecosystems in tropical/ subtropical regions. I have worked with very rare and/ or keystone species such as the Guatemalan beaded lizard, marine turtles, and the Eurasian beaver.


  • Responsible for the courses botany and conservation biology
  • Supervision of students on BSc, MSc, and PhD level
  • Education and research collaboration with universities in Guatemala and Colombia
  • DIKU project: Arter i arbeid - artskunnskap i naturforvaltningsutdanning og samfunn 


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2021     Reinhardt, S., Aartsma, P., Skøyen, K., Renssen, H.: Shrub encroachment interacts with environmental variation to reduce the albedo of alpine lichen heaths: an experimental study. Nordic Journal of Botany, e03314.

2021     Mortensen, R.M, Reinhardt, S., Hjønnevåg M.E., Wilson, R.P., Rosell, F.: Aquatic habitat use in a semi-aquatic mammal: the Eurasian beaver. Animal Biotelemetry, 9:35.

2021     Lodberg-Holm, H.K., Steyaert, S.M.J.G., Reinhardt, S., Rossel, F.: Size is not everything: differing activity and foraging patterns between the sexes in a monomorphic mammal. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 75:76.

2021     Aartsma, P., Asplund, J., Odland, A., Reinhardt, S., Renssen, H.: Microclimatic comparison of lichen heaths and shrubs: shrubification generates atmospheric heating but subsurface cooling during the growing season. Biogeosciences, 18: 1577-1599.

2020     Sanchez, D.A., Muccio, C., Rosell, F., Reinhardt, S.: Are trends in Olive Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting abundance affected by El Ni~no Southern Oscillation (ENSO) variability? Sixteen years of monitoring on the Pacific coast of northern Central America. Global Ecology and Conservation, 24: e01339.

2020     Sanchez, D.A., Mortensen, R.M., Reinhardt, S., Rosell, F.: Escaping drought: Seasonality effects on home range, movement patterns and habitat selection of the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard. Global Ecology and Conservation, 23: e01178.

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2013     Reinhardt, S.: The importance of snow for mountain vegetation in the Hardangervidda area (souther Norway): plant distribution, phenology, diversity, and effects of global climate change. A PhD dissertation in Ecology. Telemark University College. ISBN 978-82-7206-370-1

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