David S. A. Guttormsen

David S. A. Guttormsen

USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for industriell økonomi, strategi og statsvitenskap
Campus Drammen (6308)
David S. A. Guttormsen is a Professor in Organisation and Management at the School of Business of the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) and an external research associate at Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University (Thailand). Dr Guttormsen’s research focuses on expatriate management, global mobility, cross-cultural management, global talent management, inclusion/exclusion as well as international companies and socioeconomic inequalities in Asia’s Global South in addition to qualitative methodology–within the broader areas of international business and international human resource management. His work has appeared in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, including Human Resource Management Journal (AJG 4**), Management International Review (AJG 3*), Journal of Business Ethics (AJG 3*, FT50), and International Journal of Human Resource Management (AJG 3*), among others. At USN, Dr. Guttormsen is the Research Group Leader of ‘New Perspectives on Work-Life and Organizations, an elected member of the Faculty Board, and currently supervises four PhD students. He is an associate editor of Journal of Global Mobility and serves as an editorial board member for International Studies of Management and Organization, Human Resource Development International, and European Journal of International Management (AJG 2*). Dr Guttormsen has held visiting research positions at Curtin Business School (Australia), Fudan University (China), Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong SAR), Leeds University Business School (UK), Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO, Norway), Seoul National University (South-Korea), Thammasat Business School (Thailand), and Waseda University (Japan).




  • Course leader and lecturer: Change Management (ITM4202) [MSc Innovation and Technology Management], 2020–
  • Co-teaching: Qualitative Research (QAR9000) [PhD in Management], spring 2023
  • Organisation and Management (ORL1000) [Bachelor of Economics and Management], 2021–
  • Delivering lectures: Leadership Development & Strategy (executive undergraduate students), 2021
  • Acting course leader and lecturer: International Management, spring 2021
  • Supervising master’s dissertations (various departments), 2020–
  • Supervising executive master’s dissertations (EMM5501), autumn 2021


  • Appointed Research Group Leader: ‘New Perspectives on Work-Life and Organisations’ (https://www.usn.no/english/research/our-research-centres-and-groups/economy-management-and-politics/new-perspectives-on-work-life-and-organisations/)–USN School of Business, 2022–2024
  • Lead: a self-initiated field-study (Nordic companies, social sustainability/SDGs, socioeconomic inequalities, multisectoral partnership, Asia’s Global South) in collaboration with the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, the Philippines Norway Business Council in addition to Prof. Lailani Alcantara (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan), 2023
  • Lead (internal research project): ‘A novel scientific investigation into marginalised people, sustainable business models and the role of resilience in a (post)-Covid-19 international tourism context’ (with Dr Jan Velvin, USN)
  • Co-Lead (internal): ‘Preferred leadership, values and sustainable organisations across cultures’ (with Prof. Gillian Warner-Søderholm, USN)

Doctoral Supervision and Examination

  • Main Supervisor: Mr Hamza Siddique (topic; minority expatriates, inclusion/exclusion, hybrid work, Nordic region)–USN School of Business, 2021–2025
  • Main Supervisor: Mrs Ivie Porto-Sørdal (topic; digital nomads, sustainability, consumer culture theory, Bourdieu’s cultural capital)–USN School of Business, 2023–2025
  • Co-Supervisor: Mr Bryan Solorzano Bajana (topic; indigenous business, culture, Ecuador)–USN School of Business, 2022–2024
  • Co-Supervisor: Mr Dimitrios Polychronopoulos (topic; migrant entrepreneurs, support programmes, Europa)–Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, USN, 2023


  • Appointed Research Group Leader: ‘New Perspectives on Work-Life and Organisations’
  • Elected Faculty Board Member, USN School of Business, 2022–2026
  • Appointed member, Faculty Project Group on Internationalisation of academic staff and research environment, USN School of Business, 2022–
  • Appointed Member, Department Council (Department of Business, Strategy, and Political Sciences), 2022–
  • Appointed Member, Faculty Working Group on Strategic Priorities, USN School of Business, 2022
  • Appointed member of Assessment Committees and recruitment (PhD fellows, new faculty)
  • Line-managing and mentoring research assistants, 2020–2022
  • Co-Organiser, departmental research seminar series, 2020–2021
  • Head of PhD Colloquium, 11th Scandinavian Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management, USN School of Business, Campus Kongsberg, Norway, 2023



  • External examination of exams and dissertations (undergraduate, masters, executive, and MBA levels): BI Norwegian Business School [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]; Kristiania University College; Norwegian School of Economics [AMBA, EQUIS accredited]; Norwegian University of Life Sciences; Oslo New University College; Oxford Brookes University, UK; University of Stavanger Business School; University of Tromsø Business School; Warwick Business School, UK [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]; Örebro University School of Business, Sweden [AACSB accredited], 2012–
  • Guest lectures: BI Norwegian Business School (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited); Mount Allison University, Canada; Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University, Thailand (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited); Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Waseda University, Japan (AACSB, EQUIS accredited); Chukyo University, Japan; IBA Kolding, Kolding, Denmark, 2012–


  • Currently having four papers ‘under review’ with international peer-reviewed journals and (co)authoring around 10-15 papers at different draft stages with colleagues in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Thailand, and United Kingdom
  • Frequently present my work at leading and competitive international peer-reviewed conferences, such as Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, European Academy of Management, European International Business Academy, European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Asia Academy of Management, and International Political Science Association, among others
  • Adjunct Researcher (and Executive Chair of Task Force)–10% position, Work Package 6 (budget: 4.2m over five years) of AFINO project for Responsible Research and Innovation in Norway funded by The Research Council of Norway, 2021–2022
  • External research associate, Thammasat Business School (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited), Thammasat University, Thailand, 2020–2025
  • Serving as Research Collaborator on two projects secured by Prof. Lailani Alcantara Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [APU]–funded Japan Society for the Promotion of Science as well as the Center for Inclusive Leadership and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology [MEXT]), Japan, 2020–2025
  • Leading a self-initiated qualitative field-study in a Norwegian Multinational Company (expatriation, global mobility, talent management and cross-cultural challenges in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China, Egypt, Myanmar, South Korea, and Norway), 2017–
  • Co-leading a self-initiated quantitative study within a Norwegian Multinational Company (regarding willingness to relocate and global mobility)–with Prof. Jakob Lauring and Dr Annamaria Kubovcikova (Aarhus University, Denmark) and Dr Sebastian Stoermer, Dresden University of Technology, Germany), 2018–
  • Co-leading a self-initiated multidisciplinary Big Data project with the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (flow of expatriates and talent, career trajectory, wages, and industry growth)–with Dr Stanley Gyoshev (XFi Centre for Finance and Investment, University of Exeter Business School, UK), Mr Trifon Pavkov (Department of Economics, Exeter), Prof. Miana Plesca (Department of Economics, University of Guelph, Canada), Prof. Gueorgui Kambourov (Department of Economics, University of Toronto, Canada) Prof. Jakob Lauring (Aarhus University, Denmark), Prof. Yehuda Baruch (University of Southampton, UK), and Dr Yoske Igarashi (School of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University, Japan)

Doctoral Examination

  • External Examiner/Opponent: Ms Kerstin Martel, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited], forthcoming 23 January 2024
  • External Examiner/Opponent: Mr Adam Potter, Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) [AACSB accredited], 2023
  • External Examiner/Opponent: Dr Marie Freia Wunderlich, Aarhus School of Business and Social Science, University of Aarhus (Denmark) [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited], 2022
  • External Examiner/Opponent: Dr Jemaine Tsoi, University of Queensland Business School (Australia) [AACSB, EQUIS accredited], 2021
  • External Examiner/Opponent: Dr Lei Dai, Department of Politics and Public Policy, Leicester Business School, De Montfort University (United Kingdom), 2015

Leadership & Academic Service

  • Co-SIG Chair, Co-Track Chair, Co-Plenary Chair, Research Methods & Research Practice (RM&RP) Strategic Interest Group (SIG 12), European Academy of Management (EURAM), 2016–2022
  • Co-Programme Chair and lead applicant (symposium): ‘Transparency and Opaqueness: Nordic and Chinese Perspectives on the Ethics of Managing Innovative Organisations, Sustainability & Responsible Research’, Antibes, France (5-7 October 2022)–funded by the Nordic Centre, Fudan University (China)
  • Co-Programme Chair and organiser/co-applicant (symposium): ‘Managing Private and Public Organization in an Unsecure World’–funded by the Nordic Centre, Fudan University (China), 2019
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Global Mobility (AJG 2*), 2021–
  • Lead Editor: ‘Field Guide to Intercultural Research’ (Edward Elgar Publishing)–co-editors: Prof. Jakob Lauring (Aarhus, Denmark) and Dr Malcolm Chapman (Centre for International Business, University of Leeds, UK), 2017-2021
  • Co-Editor, Special Issue: ‘Replicate–Stop building card houses!’ [https://emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/jgm/jgm-bitblog-replicate-stop-building-card-houses], Journal of Global Mobility (AJG 2*), 2022–
  • Co-Editor, Special Issue (forthcoming), ‘BRIDGING DISCIPLINARY SILOS: Cross-fertilization between global mobility and other fields’, Journal of Global Mobility (AJG 2*), 2023–
  • Co–Editor, Guest Issue (published September 2018): ‘Silenced and Neglected Voices in Cross–Cultural Management Research?’, International Studies of Management & Organization (with Prof. Lauring, Aarhus)
  • Member of Editorial Review Boards: Human Resource Developmental International (AJG 2*), International Studies of Management & Organizations (AJG 2*), and European Journal of International Management (AJG 2*)
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for AJG 4*, 3* and 2* journals, including Journal of Management Studies, International Business Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Management Inquiry, European Management Review, Human Resource Management Quarterly, Asian Business & Management, Journal of Business Anthropology, International Journal of Cross Cultural Management and International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • Assistant Track Chair: ‘Organisations in Distress: New Perspectives on Human Activity, Lived Experiences and Ways of Organising’, NEON conference (Network for organisation studies in Norway), 22–24 November 2022
  • Co-Track Chair (with Prof. Lailani Alcantara, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan)–track: ‘3.1 Responsible Management Through Cross-cultural Research and Inclusion’, Nordic Academy of Management, Örebro, Sweden, 25–27 February 2021/2022
  • Co-Track Chair (with Dr Kristian Alm, BI Norwegian Business School)–track: ‘Sokratisk dialog innen ledelse og organisasjoner’, NEON conference (Network for organisation studies in Norway), 17–19 November 2020

Research Fellowship & Visitingship

  • Visiting Scholar, Thammasat Business School [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited], Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2020
  • Visiting Scholar, Nordic Centre, Fudan University, China, 2019
  • Visiting Research Fellow, School of Management, Curtin Business School [AACSB, EQUIS accredited], Australia, 2019
  • Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda Business School [EQUIS, AMBA accredited], Japan, 2018
  • Visiting Researcher, Center for International Studies, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2016
  • Visiting Professor, Helsinki Business School, Finland, 2016–2017
  • Visiting Researcher, Leeds University Business School [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited], UK, 2011–2017
  • Visiting Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Norway, 2011
  • Visiting Research Student, Hong Kong Baptist University [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited], Hong Kong, SAR China , 2008–2009


  • Qualitative research and methodology
  • International qualitative fieldwork and ethnographic research
  • Conducting in-depth interviews of elites, expatriates, public-policy experts, and marginalised people
  • Epistemic reflexivity and contesting paradigms relating to knowledge-production
  • Research collaboration with multinational companies
  • Interdisciplinary research (especially, the application of social anthropological and sociological theory in International Business and Expatriate Management research)
  • Creating and designing small-scale research projects
  • Research collaboration in multidisciplinary teams
  • Identifying organisations’ challenges through ‘phenomenon-based’ research and stakeholder-dialogues
  • Researching the individual level–and their social construction of ‘reality’ and worldviews
  • Asian and Nordic business cultures
  • Think tank/policy-research institutions
  • Case-study teaching
  • Extensive personal experience in working and researching internationally and across cultural boundaries


Academic Employment:

2022–: Professor in Organisation and Management, USN School of Business, Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway (Drammen, Norway)

2020–2022: Associate Professor in Organisation and Management, USN School of Business

2021–2022: Adjunct Researcher (10% position), Department of Communication and Culture, BI Norwegian Business School [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]

2020–2025: External Research Faculty, Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University (Thailand) [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]

2014–2021: External Teaching Associate, Warwick Business School (United Kingdom) [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]

2017–2020: Assistant Professor in International and Cross-Cultural Management, BI Norwegian Business School [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]

2014–2017: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Business, University of Exeter Business School (United Kingdom) [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]

2012–2014: Lecturer in International Management, Coventry Business School (United Kingdom)


2014–2015: Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Professional Practice, Coventry University (United Kingdom)

2009–2014: Doctor of Philosophy/PhD in Politics and International Studies, Department of Politics and International Studies, The University of Warwick (United Kingdom)

Title: ‘Constructing ‘China’: Culture and U.S. Think Tank Narratives–a Bourdieusian Investigation’

Main Supervisor: Prof. Stuart Croft (Warwick, UK)

Examiners: Prof. Lee Marsden (East Anglia, UK) and Prof. Nick Vaughan-Williams (Warwick, UK)

2007–2009: Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in International Business, Centre for International Business, University of Leeds (Leeds, UK) [AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accredited]

Title: ‘International and Intercultural Experiences of Expatriates in Hong Kong: an Ethnography’

Supervisors: Dr Malcolm Chapman (Leeds, UK) and Prof. Anne Marie Francesco (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR China)

Examiners: Prof. Fiona Moore (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) and Prof. Richard Thorpe (Leeds, UK)

2005: Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations, University of New South Wales (Australia)

2004: Graduate Certificate (GradCert) in International Relations, Curtin University of Technology (Australia)

2002–2004: Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Public Relations and Management, Curtin Business School (Australia) [AACSB, EQUIS accredited]


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