Hans-Petter Halvorsen

Fakultet for teknologi, naturvitenskap og maritime fag
Institutt for elektro, IT og kybernetikk
Campus Porsgrunn (B-237A)
At the University I work with Teaching, Research and Development, Programming and System Development/Software Engineering, Laboratory Work and Data Acquisition within the area Industrial IT and Automation. All my work is published at Web Site/Blog: https://www.halvorsen.blog


At the University I work with Teaching, Research and Development, Programming and System Development, Laboratory Work and Data Acquisition within the area Industrial IT and Automation and Systems/Software Engineering

I am involved in the following Study Programs at the University: 




I am involved in the following Master courses at the University: 

  • MATLAB Course (course coordinator and instructor) 
  • IIA2017 - Industrial Information Technology (course coordinator) 
  • IIA3220 - Internet of Things and Cyber Security (course coordinator) 
  • FM4017 - Master Project (Supervisor) 
  • FMH606 - Master Thesis (Supervisor) 


I am involved in the following Bachelor courses at the University: 

  • VE3350 - Software Engineering (Course coordinator)
  • TSE2118 - Advanced Object Oriented Programming 
  • TS3000 - Bachelor Project (Supervisor) 

For more information, see my Blog/Web Site: https://www.halvorsen.blog

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/IndustrialITandAutomation


Research and Development:​

Below you find an overview of some of the Research and Development Projects I am involved in at the moment.

  • Environmental Public Health Information Management System - Measure, Collect and Monitoring of Environmental Data
  • Smart Houses and Buildings - Data Management, Data Logging, Automation and Monitoring within Houses and Buildings using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology
  • Automation Systems and Industry 4.0 - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Control and Automation Systems, Model Predictive Control using DeltaV, etc.
  • Mobile Technology for Measurement and Control - Wireless Sensor Network, Data Acquisition, Development Technology for Mobile Devices such as Tablets and Smartphones, Software Engineering, etc.
  • Datalogging, Management and Monitoring (DMM) Platform - with Applications within Industrial IT, Automation, Industry 4.0, Smart Houses and Buildings, Internet of Things (IoT) - An extensive platform with many applications within Smart Houses and Buildings, Automation and Data Acquisition

You find more information about these R&D projects here.

My research is also available on ResearchGate.

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/IndustrialITandAutomation


These are my main working/research/teaching fields:

  • Software Engineering: System Development, Software Development, Programming and Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Programming, .NET, Visual Studio, VB.NET, C#, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, Database Systems, SQL, etc.
  • Web Technology: Web Programming, Cyber Security, etc.
  • IoT: Home Automation and Smart House solutions, Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Control Engineering: Control Theory, Data Acquisition Systems, Process Control Systems such as DeltaV, etc.
  • Mobile Technology : Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless Data Acquisition, Tablets and Smartphones, etc.
  • Industrial IT and Data Communication: OPC, Real-Time Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), etc.

For more information, see my Blog/Web Sitehttps://www.halvorsen.blog

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/IndustrialITandAutomation

See my Publications, including Scientific Articles, Textbooks, Teaching and R&D registered in Cristin - Current Research Information SysTem In Norway


I work at University of South-Eastern Norway - www.usn.no. Previously I worked at Telemark University College.

Previous Industrial Experience and Work: I have been working as a System Developer, System Architect and Product Manager within leading Industrial Software Companies for about 12 years (CARDIAC, Baze Technology).

I have been working with topics such as:

I have been involved in many project deliveries (Software/System Engineering Projects) to leading Norwegian and International Companies, such as Yara, Statoil, Norske skog, Norsk Avfallshåndtering, AHUS, St. Olavs Hospital, etc. 

For more details, see my online CVhttp://www.halvorsen.blog/documents/portfolio/

See also my Work Portfolio/Showcase of Creative Work within Teaching, Research and Development.


List of Publications:

My research is also available on ResearchGate.

Scientific Articles:



  • Experience in University Curricula for Students in Working Life and Industry – a Model for Lifelong Learning and enhancing skills development - Morten Pedersen, Hans Petter Halvorsen, Josef Timmerberg, Håkon Viumdal, Sebastian Timmerberg, Saba Mylvaganam - Nordic Journal of STEM Education (ISSN: 2535-4574), Vol. 8 No. 1, 2023 - MNT Conference, March 16-17, 2023, Stavanger, Norway. Here you see all the Conference Papers. Open Access.










  • Sandboxing for Cross-Platform Applications of Robots - Hans-Petter Halvorsen, Alexander Jonsaas, Saba Mylvaganam - 2019 IEEE International Symposium on RObotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE), June 17-18, 2019, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 978-1-7281-1964-9. Available from IEEE Xplore.







  • Case Studies in IoT - Smart-Home Solutions - Hans-Petter Halvorsen, Alexander Jonsaas, Josef Timmerberg, Saba Mylvaganam - EAEEIE 2017, The 27th EAEEIE Annual Conference, June 7-9, 2017, Grenoble. ISBN 978-1-7281-0907-7. Available from IEEE Xplore.



















See all my Publications (Research articles and Textbooks).


See my Publications, including Scientific Articles, Textbooks, Teaching and R&D registered in Cristin - Current Research Information SysTem In Norway


In addition I have published lots of R&D material, see my Web Site/Bloghttps://www.halvorsen.blog for all published work.


I am also involved in several research groups at the University:

SMART Technology


Telemark Modeling and Control Centre


Publikasjoner i Cristin