Umar Burki

Umar Burki

USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for økonomi, historie og samfunnsvitenskap
Campus Vestfold (C3-90)
• Associate Professor at USN School of Business, the University of South-Eastern Norway since 2009. • Adjunct position as Associate Professor Ⅱ, Department of Economics and Administration, Oslo New University College, Oslo (Norway). • Ph.D. scholar at Molde University, Norway 2007-2009 • Worked as Assistant Professor and lecturer in two different universities in Pakistan (Islamia University Bahawalpur & B. Z. University Multan), 1991-2002.



I teach the following courses. 

  • Supply Chain management (Master course)
  • Marketing Management (Bachelor course)
  • Entreprenuerial Management (Bachelor course)
  • Mentoring Master Thesis candidates in Innovation and Supply Chain Management




I have a Ph.D. in Business Logistics from Molde University College (Norway) and two international master degrees in Industrial Logistics and Economics. 


Research Scholarship May 2014 at University of Milan-Biccoca Campus, Italy.
PhD Scholarship 2007-2009, Molde University College, Norway.
The Norwegian Scholarship
The Short-term USAID Scholarship


Book Monography

  • Toseef Azid, Umar Burki, Muhammad Junaid Khawaja, Nasim Shah Shirazi, and Muhammad Tahir (2022), Labor Economics in an Islamic Framework, Taylor & Francis Group Publishers, UK.
  • Umar Burki, Toseef Azid and, Robert Dahlstrom (2021) Foundations of a Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives, Taylor & Francis Group Publishers, UK.

Published Book Chapters

  1.  Umar Burki, Toseef Azid and Robert Dahlstrom (2021). Sustainability and morality. Foundations of a Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives, Eds., Taylor & Francis Group Publishers.
  2. Toseef Azid, Umar Burki, and Muhammad Omer Chaudhry (2021). Sustainability and behavior of Islamic market. Foundations of a Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives, Eds., Taylor & Francis Group Publishers.
  3. Abdulllah Toseef, Umar Burki, and Perveen Ersoy (2021). The socio-economic metabolism of Canada: a case study of energy flows from 1990 to 2011. Foundations of a Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives, Eds., Taylor & Francis Group Publishers.
  4. Eskil Sonju Bruyn and Umar Burki (2021). People, planet and profitability (3Ps):  A gender management perspective. Foundations of a Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives, Eds., Taylor & Francis Group Publishers.
  5. Toseef Azid, Umar Burki, and Robert Dahlstrom (2021). Challenges and opportunities. Foundations of a Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives, Eds., Taylor & Francis Group Publishers.
  6. Umar Burki (2018). Green Innovations and Sustainable Supply Chain Management, a book chapter in Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains, Ed. Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, Springer Publishers, USA.
  7. Umar Burki (2017). Inter-firm governance mechanisms and corporate governance: A conceptual view. Research in Corporate and Shariah Governance in the Muslim World: Theory and Practice, Eds. Toseef Azid, Ali A Al Nodl, and Muhammad Azeem Qureshi. Emerald Publishers, UK.

Recent Publications

  1. U Burki, U, and Tahir, M. (2022). Determinants of environmental degradation: Evidenced-based insights from ASEAN economies, Journal of Environmental Management, 306, in press
  2. Tahir, M., Burki, U., Hayat A., (2022). Natural resources and economic growth: evidence from Brunei Darussalam, International Journal of Emerging Markets, in press.
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  5. Kanwal, M., Burki, U., Ali, R., and Dahlstrom, R. (2021). Systematic Review of Gender Differences and Similarities in Online Consumers’ Shopping Behavior, Journal of Consumer Marketing.
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Recent Conferences


  1. Toon, M. and Burki, U. (2019). Market Knowledge and Governance Choice in International Marketing Alliances: Implications for Export Performance," a full paper at ANZMAC, Wellington, New Zealand.
  2. Burki, U. and Dahlstrom, R. (2019). “Market Knowledge, Learning and Product Strategies: Implications for Competing in Complex, Global Markets,” a special session and paper presentation at American Marketing Association (AMA) at Austin, TX., USA.
  3. Burki, U. and Toon, M. (2018). "Measuring the Impact og Supplier Specific Assets and Business Culture on the Asian-Asian and Asia-Western Export Relationships,” a full paper at the 47th EMAC Annual Conference, Glasgow, UK.
  4. Burki, U. and Dahlstrom, R. (2016). “Do Environment Sustaining Practices Mediate the Relationship between Top Management Commitment and Customer Cooperation?”, a full paper presented at the 5th World Conference on Productin and Opertations Management, Havana, Cuba.
  5. Burki, U. (2015). “The Moderation Effect of Culture on Export Performance: Evidence from the Asian Exporting Relationships”, a full paper presented at the 13th workshop on international management, hosted by the department of Management, Universiyt of Venice, Italy.
  6. Burki, U. (2015). “Do green supply chain management practices affect environmental performance in B2B relationships?”, a full paper presented at the 22nd EUROMA 2015 conference hosted by University of Neuchetel, Switzerland.
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  9. Soetanto, Krisna, Burki, U. and Ozturkoglu, Y. (2014) “Accomplishing Environmental Performance in Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers”, a full paper presentation at the 21st EurOMA 2014 conference hosted by University of Palermo (Italy) from 20th -25th June, 2014.
  10. Burki, U. and Kadic-Maglajlic, S. (2013) “An Islamic Prespective on Salesperson's Intentions to Behave Ethically”, at the 4th Global Islamic Marketing Conference, to be held in Istanbul (Turkey) from 29th-30th May, 2013.
  11. Burki, U and Buvik, A. “Does Market Knowledge diminish the extent of Formal Contracting in International Buyer-Supplier Relationships?” a full paper presentation at the 42nd EMAC (European Marketing Academy) 2013 conference hosted by Istanbul Technical University, (ITU) from 4th June-7th June, 2013.
  12. Burki, U. “Does Business Culture Similarity enhance Performance in the Asian Buyer-Supplier Dyads?” a full paper presentation at the International Research Conference on Contemporary Management Practices (IRCMP) hosted by Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan from January 17-18, 2013.
  13. See Cristin