Teacher Development Summit: Is there a future for Nordic Teacher Induction (NTI)?


Teacher Development Summit 11th - 12th of November 2019 on Iceland

This summit addresses the need for research-based policymaking on sustainable systems for mentoring and induction of newly qualified teachers (NQT's) in Northern Europe in close collaboration with different actors and stakeholders.

The aim of the summit is to create a space to consider and deepen understanding of the needs for mentoring and induction of newly qualified teachers in the Nordic countries and Baltic area. The summit will aim at developing resilient and sustainable practices for mentoring in the educational ecosystems through promoting knowledge generation and interaction between different actors and stakeholders on the field, such as teachers, school principals, educational officers, researchers, teacher educators, policy makers and representatives of trade unions of teachers as well as those of municipalities. The summit is open to representatives from all Nordic countries who share an interest in mentoring and teacher development and learning, as well as invited guests from non-Nordic countries. 

The summit will be an opportunity for different stakeholders and researchers to come together in the spirit of a creative and open communication. Through presentations and workshops, we aim to create knowledge about (and for) mentoring and teacher induction, and to share knowledge and experiences through workshops and disseminating results of research and pilot projects.

Since 2017, researchers and teacher unions from the Nordic countries have participated in a Nordplus project about knowledge and experiences on mentoring of new qualified teachers called " Newly Qualified Teachers and Induction: A Nordic Cross-sectorial Network". This summit is a is an initiative in the project. The summit will include a combination of keynote presentations, panel discussion, parallel paper presentations, and workshops.

The summit will be held in English.

Venue and accommodation

The conference will be at the School of Education in Stakkahlíð, a faculty at the University of Iceland in Reykjavík.

Keynote Speakers

We have three keynote sessions at the summit - read more about the keynote speakers here!

Program and parallel sessions

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